Maia dos Reis Hotel Rural



The contact activities with rural life that we promote promise a journey back in time rich in wine, gastronomic, equestrian and agricultural experiences.

Dining Room

The dining room where the traditional Portuguese cuisine is served is a large space, all made of stone, where you can watch and accompany the roasts prepared in the two wood-fired ovens.

Come and relive memories and flavors in a refined atmosphere.

Cozinha Velha

Space all in stone, which preserves the “home” and the patina of the smokes of yesteryear.

It is a distinct space in a relaxed atmosphere, for tasting smoked meats, cheeses and snacks. A unique space with all the ingredients for a good social gathering.

Sala do Lagar

An old winery that boasts an imposing granite arch typical of the region. Where once oak barrels were stored, today it invites you to relax and taste liqueur wines and sparkling wines.

Sala Ogival

Our wine cellar, baptised as “Sala Ogival”, is a place where the cult of wine is practised, with special emphasis on wine tasting and workshops.

Are you ready for a peaceful stay in a sophisticated environment?